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S E S S I O N  I N F O

My outdoor sessions typically take place 60 minutes before sunset or within 30 minutes of sunrise.  This is because the sunlight is not directly overhead so we avoid harsh shadows cast on faces.  Photographers call this "the golden hour" because everything has a rich golden tone that really makes pictures pop.  I know this can impact your child's daily schedule, but trust me, it's worth it to make changes to their schedule for one day in order to capture some really beautiful photos.

For newborn sessions, these will take place in your home, typically in the morning.  I would encourage you to make the room(s) we will be photographing in warm and cozy so your baby is comfortable throughout the photo session.  It is best if your baby is sleepy before the session, so he/she will likely sleep through most of it. Please look at your home in the morning and figure out where the most natural light comes in.  These will be the rooms we will probably use.

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